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Iambic Spider

The seven legged spider knits and sews
Makes seven little socks to warm her toes

What mountains should she climb without a rope?
(it’s tempting here to rhyme by using ‘hope’)

What balance, oh! what symmetry beheld
When once she set about her climb, compelled

Considering her loss she holds her ground
Returning home she stokes the fires, earthbound

The seven legged spider knits and sews
Makes seven little socks to warm her toes

© Jilly & Silly Jilly  All Rights  Reserved

Frank is tending bar at the Poet’s Pub,
dVerse on Thursday night, we’re challenged thus
to meet out lines for Meet the Bar this day
Iambic feet in lines that hold to ten
I cut my teeth on nurs’ry rhymes of old
with thoughts that run within this form each day
And so, my friends, my spider with a crutch
is in the spotlight twice within one week.

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Mirror, Mirror, Who Am I?

Collaborating with Victoria Slotto is a most satisfying experience and a tremendous honor.  Her tercets in Who Am I, You Ask made me feel right at home with its iambic meter.  Here, then, is my completion of her July Challenge.  

I am the tiny finch who fills the air with song at dawn. 
I am the bronze of sun on snow-capped hills. 
I am the play of wind upon the leafy ash. 

I am the ocean’s waves caressing sand and shells. 
I am the youthful fool—reckless, full of joy. 
I am the ache of old ones shuttered in the dark. 

I am the healing for the ancients breaking down the glass. 
I am the wisdom found in children – secreting the glee. 
I am the torrent deep who shapes the distant shores and sky. 

I am the wicked gale that tears the fertile blooms. 
I am the cresting dawn on valleys warm and lush. 
I am the eagle strong who silences the song. 

Collaborative Poetry Victoria Slotto / Jill Lyman