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Scarborough Fair My Garden Lair

Photos by Jilly

O!  Joyous balm with thy sweet girlish fluttering ways
Tumm-aliscious, halitosis forgiveness, rabbitity garden-raiding antidote
French lace tingle on my tongue, fill my rose-alie nose with airy tang.

My mushroomy corduroy leafed friend all sausage-y,
Turkey thanksgivingful, inviting all earthyfairies with thy emanating savor-flavor.


Sticky-pine woodsy, he accosts and clings, persistently nocturnal
Permeates with essence of maleness.

Lemon wafts, rolls past, wraps around
My ankles with tendrils and tiny leaves you wanting more
Pulls you in, pours
Your tea, “Have a scone! Talk with me!”

© Jilly’s 2016

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