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April 2019

April is here again. I come to this sacred month of poets with little expectation simply because of time constraints. I have undertaken the task of being the voice of our high school baseball team and April will see two home games per week, making for long, killer days. Nonetheless, I will write and post as often as it is possible.

Happy Writing, Y’all! ~Jill

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She rounded the board
rolling doubles
landing on all of your
buying up the property
of your days,
your nights.

She built houses
on your Primal Itch,
scratched behind
every ear
until you howled,

and while,
by Chance,
you were caught
in some endless
corner, barred
from play
by your own
bad rolls

She passed Go.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Day 17

Once again I’m a day late and dollar short – this is the Day 16 NaPo prompt.  Oh well!  The saga of my two characters continues to roll along through the month of April.  Not sure how their game will end up.  

She & He #13

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Tools of a Dream

You dreamt
in the night
of finding her
sitting at an outdoor
cafe drinking tea,
the contents of her purse
spilling onto the table;
an orange lipstick
and a small claw-footed
hammer —
you were only curious
about the lipstick, —
how does she
get it so smooth  
over her scar?

Waking in the early
light she is sitting
cross-legged next to
that ragged smile
wrenching your
arm behind you
until you cave

Bangs falling
damp across
her forehead like
twisted copper nails
from your
oaken skin

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

I’m a bit behind in the department of prompt response.  This one was triggered by the GloPo Day 14 about dream dictionaries.  The word ‘hammer’ has been tooling around in my brain for two days and here is how my two characters put it to use.  (Forgive me – puns intended!)

Day 16

She & He #12

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Battle Wounds

Battle worn
and weary
you let her board.

She flinched
and flew
and you —
Only You  —
three hours west
as she
the cloud barrier
and flew off
for the east,
the you-less east.

What bloody stump
did she wrap
in an old T-shirt
and cradle, waving
off the sympathetic
looks of the flight crew?

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I’m a bit off on writing prompts; this one is in response to one at Poetic Asides from a couple of days ago.  Today is Day 11 and the beat goes on with these two characters!

She & He #8

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13th Floor

This pixie
with the fragmented
picks up your fallen
your fallen days
as the elevator
lightly hammers



thirteen.  She vanishes
through the doors

thirteen                 thirteen                       thirteen

and you continue
to nineteen
feeling all the pressure
of five stops between

How many times do you ride
and return

forgot my coffee cup

forgot my phone


waiting for enchantment
at thirteen?

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo and we are encouraged to explore the magical and mysterious in our writing.  In keeping with the mystery of April, I continue the unintended story of two people that began on Day 3.

She & He #6