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Cocoa Beach on a whim, we take sushi and chairs, questing the full cold moon’s rise over the ocean. The beach is a violent place with wind that yanks my hair from its spring clip and waves that out-shout the terns and ring-billed gulls. A little boy just to our left flaps and screams in the language of the birds, they scatter and return for more of the communion.  Plovers and sanderlings —wind-up toys racing over the footprint moguls — this is dinner and a show.  Three floating islands leave Port of Canaveral and pass that warm, cold moon that has appeared in a blink of recognition, larger than the setting sun at our backs. I chase the terns into your waiting camera; we drive thirty-seven miles back, emptying sand from our shoes, treasuring the message we found in a bottle.

thirsty air draws breath

Atlantic gives up her damp

clouds disperse wafting


© Haibun & Photos by Jilly  All Rights Reserved

For Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #10 – “Arid”


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Solstice Flower

Whosoever would lash his coat
about him and burst out
into the contagious
December night in search
of coming winter would find
the soul of a yellow dog
yowling at the Full Cold Moon.

He would see you and silence
his cries, waiting your approach,

You are of the same genus.

Travel together
along the same hardened
path, for surely you shall find
that solstice flower
hardy and rising
above the new snow.
Pluck it and bring it home
to place in an old Mason jar.

Stoke the fire;

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Day 5 of November.  Today’s inspiration comes from Day 4 of Robert Brewer’s Poetic Asides prompt to write “Whosoever _____”   poem. (Although, I did not get around to posting there.)

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