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Forgotten Better Days – August Challenge Half- Poem

Casting Bricks, the August Challenge opened a few hours ago and this is my Half-Poem Challenge.  Anyone is welcome to take the challenge of completing my poem and reposting the collaborative final product.  Please do write a half-poem challenge of your own and post a link through the Mr. Linky on the Jilly’s August Challenge page!  The more the merrier, y’all!

My Challenge Poem is a Bop.  The basics are 3 stanzas with 6 lines, 8 lines, and 6 lines, with a refrain line repeated after each stanza.  There are no meterical or rhyme scheme requirements for this form.  I have written the first stanza, the refrain line, “Forgotten better days and a badly written play” and the first two lines of stanza two.  You task is the complete the second stanza, add my refrain after it and then write the third stanza.  The development of the poem is to present a problem in stanza #1, expand or explore it in stanza #2, and then either resolve or reveal a failed attempt as resolution in the last stanza. Good luck and happy poeming! ~Jilly


Smoke gathers round the rim of my coffee cup
remnants of the skirmish in my untouched bowl of cereal
your suitcase sits by the door, the new leather one
not the weary worn green canvas with tags from our trip
to Paris last summer
leaving me with a million

Forgotten better days and a badly written play

Blurred words seep through the wall
you on the phone with some unknown

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A Dark and Stormy Knight

Frank has us working with tri-meter over at dVerse; please join us!  I have chosen to write a Bop – a fun form that I haven’t done for many months. It is 3 stanzas with a refrain after each.  There is no required meter or rhyme scheme for the Bop, although I impose Frank’s Tri-Meter here and add my own rhymes.  Three stanzas with 6 / 8 / 6 lines in which you present a problem in the 1st, expand or explore it in the 2nd, and resolve or reveal a failed attempt at resolution in the last stanza.

A dark and stormy knight
rode into town that day
in answer to a call
of anguished hearts dismay
upon his stead he rode
through mists the hooves explode

A foe to vanquish there

The villagers called out
the children hid and cried
there was no peace for they
saw courage there denied
a monster was at large
with terror in its fists
and so our knight was charged
with deeds of daring tryst

A foe to vanquish there

His eyes flashed bright with fire
as the foe came into view
to light a funeral fire
was not the course he chose
‘stead roses he did ply
the maiden did comply

The foe a wife he made

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I wrote & posted this very quickly – feel free to point out any errors you may see 🙂