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A Littered Week

Mangled Monday moves to
Tattered Tuesday flowing
Fully into Walloping
Wednesday heading
Headache homeward

Jazzy jams a'juicing
Jilly’s jangled
Nerves a'knocking
Ticker-tocking to the
Freeway frenzy

Ah! sweet threshold
Poochie smooches

Home Sweet

Have a salad
Seer the salmon
Perfect pinot
Pour a generous more

Sweet Home

© Jilly's
Day 12 NaPoWriMo suggests showcasing Alliteration!
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A Litter ation

Crumpled, cigarette cellophane
brown broken beer bottles
gobs of green-apple gum
sticky, stretching from the soles  of my sepia shoes.

Rotting, roadside wreckage
busted, bunched-up debris
blown on the breeze.
Fetid foam of flotsam floating.

Left-behind lunch of
flabby, floppy fries
soda straw straggler
and half-eaten hamburger
dank deterioration dumped in a ditch.

Posted papers pinned to a pole
weathered and washed out words
of garish garage-sale goodies
now gone.

Mustard marshmallow maggots
hatching, hungry; hunting.

The gradual gathering gloom
is a blistering blight upon
the beauty we behold.

© Jilly’s 2016

Image: Putting a Face on Litter


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