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‘Summer Tempo’ in 4/4 Time

I wrote this on Monday morning when I realized that there are only 3 weeks (3!!) remaining until I pack up my school bag and head back to work.  There is too much jazz left for summer to end this soon.  


Kids go out the door
no tears for them
deny mine
flying full bore
into the endless arms of June


Dizzying spin of days
nights of laughter
love sangria on ice
dancing on the sand
in the kitchen

Fiery dynamite bright
lights the celebratory way
easing into a Blanchard
groove steady days stretch
fore and aft jazzing the sway



No denying the entrance
Chet-smooth ignoring
truth that months become
weeks a subtle blues works
its way peripherally
into the score


Mere Miles
to go a muted question
lingers in the cool
ignoring the answer
So What am I to do
with these remaining days


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

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July Challenge Wrap-Up

Hi my Friends & Fellow Poets!  Just over a week ago Jilly’s July Challenge, “Casting Bricks” was posted and everyone was invited to join in with Collaborative Poetry.  WOW! Today I set about tallying up some stats and discovered that we had:

11 Contributors (people who wrote & linked half-poems)
12 Challenges
13 participants
We wrote about 45 poems!
That count is still out and y’all are still welcome to complete any of the half poem challenges that are out there.  There is a list of all the Challenges on the original July Challenge page.

Also during this past week I looked into a Linky Widget to help us with a bit of reflection & feedback.  I know, I know!… If I had known how much participation there would be, I would have had the incredible foresight to get the linky from the start.

My Friends, now is the chance to reflect on the July Challenge of Casting Bricks.  Post your reflections & feedback and I’ll test out this cool new Linky Thing!  (New to me, so expect floundering!)  You are also welcome to put your reflections in Comments, but then I’ll never know if the Linky works, right?

I was stretched, poetically by this challenge.  What a workout!! One of my goals was to maintain the original voice of each poem as much as possible since I have been thinking about Poetic Voice lately.  I did that some of the time and failed at other times. I learned new forms and got to know a truly great group of  people. Crazy, but great!

One more thing: Include in your feedback, whether via posting or commenting, if you feel like this was, 1) A Cool One-Time Event, 2) Something to Consider again next July, or 3) I have a poetic/writing ‘itch’ that needs to be scratched and would like to see something a bit more permanent come from it (not necessarily in the form of collaborative poetry).  I’m not candidating to host something, just letting you know I am willing if there is interest.    Cheers!  Jilly



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Song (a displacement)

Petru was the most recent to join in the July Challenge with her thought-provoking half-poem entitled Song.  Moving out of form poetry (which I love dearly) and into free verse is always a free floating moment of beauty.  This is no exception.  If you have not taken up her challenge, I encourage you to do so.  Note: The first stanza belongs to Petru, the final two are mine.

Raven q(r)uark, crassing, voicing,
mate circling a similar air.
Independent, minded, capable
of linguistic displacement, weighted
with significant information –
it was present at inception.

Ant quark, mouthing, secreting,
dance on communing ground,
eusocial, hierarchal, capable
of feats of Atlas, weighted
with significant location-
it feeds the nation.

(Wo)man, blundering, screaming, pleading,
mate longing for a similar fare.
liberated, tethered, weighted
with significant perception –
they progenize the earth. 

Collaborative Poetry Petrujviljoen / Lyman


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San-San Completed

The San-San is a more challenging form than I expected.  It took me two days to complete Jenna’s second offering in the July Challenge.  In addition to the rhyme scheme and the three sets of three’s in the poem, she also used 10-syllable lines, which I chose to continue.  Give it a try!

How I would love to see a crystal ball,
But since the future’s not yet writ in stone,
Impossible to see it in advance,
I only listen to its crystal call.  

Impossibly clear in its wind drift tone,   
the song of the crystal chimes in my ear,
I’ll stumble not over stepping stone’s glance  
And build with those stones ‘til heaven is near.

Collaborative Poetry Jenna / Jilly

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Old Hum / More Mumbling

Nosaintaugustine’s July Challenge encourages us to dig deep and use personal experience as a guide when completing The Old Hum. That, I did; here it is.

Memory is a prison
A refrigerator buzz
While I make tostadas
A hum over mumbling
Mobsters on the box
A-wandering, mapless
A baroque Sicilian plot

Memory is a prison
A rusty hinged door
Swinging over the portrait
Standing on the floor
The dull whistling kettle
For instant oatmeal
The ‘dead to me’ words
Buried in a dusty tissue

Memory is a prison

Collaborative Poetry by Nosaintaugustine / Jilly

An honor to collaborate with you, my friend.

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Dark Sonnet, My Undoing

The July Challenge given to us by qbit is a Dark Sonnet.  I must confess, I wrote one, felt a bit restless about it, so I wrote another one.  I am posting both.  The first one was easy for me; I am a lover of the blues and my mind went immediately to the Robert Johnson legend about meeting the devil at the crossroads to strike a deal.  I post this one somewhat relectantly since my good friend Nosaintaugustine went in the same direction.  Ah, well, great minds, and all that! Thanks for indulging me with 2 Dark Sonnet poems.

I.   Dark Sonnet Deal

The Devil rolls some teeth like dice,
Says your bones are for the gamble —
Wants to know your wager price,
And if the payout you can handle:

He’ll use your ribs for a picket gate,
Ligaments to string a violin’s regret,
Skin to stretch the truth from here to fate,
Pluck those strings to make you forget

 The crossroads that split your spleen from liver
Your memories dance dangle round his neck
Fret strings and chords, your fingers a quiver
Prove the veracity, take up his bet
Roll out the bottleneck, cavort with the blues
The Devil came away with naught but your shoes

II.   Dark Sonnet Dance

The Devil rolls some teeth like dice,
Says your bones are for the gamble —
Wants to know your wager price,
And if the payout you can handle:

He’ll use your ribs for a picket gate,
Ligaments to string a violin’s regret,
Skin to stretch the truth from here to fate,
Render you a cast-off marionette

A darker shade of flame will flavor your tears
With salt of your fortune; will you hazard to know
The madness you’ll gain from this dark puppeteer
The odds of his table, a dangerous throw

Sly your fist into his chest; pluck back your spleen
The overhead cost of this game is obscene


Collaborative Poetry / J Randall Brett / Jill Lyman