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Reverberations d’Vine

Writing Quadrilles using the word ‘echo’ over at d’Verse tonight.

I blended that with Palindrome writing.


Words trounce sunflowers blooming full yellow golden heads sunward
Sunward heads golden yellow full blooming sunflowers trounce words
Hands bleeding honey dripping dew buzz bees buzz with
With buzz bees buzz dew dripping honey bleeding hands
Turning echoes


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photos

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Sunday at Etude

Miles Davis Plays So What?
Tomorrow is Monday
But I’m ignoring that

Fact, sipping cold coffee
Cultivating gloom while
Miles Davis Plays So What?

Late night laughing the moon
Heedless of how quickly
Tomorrow is Monday

Disdain with mild panic
Stirred in my cup with cream
But I’m ignoring that

© Jilly's
A Cascade Poem 
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Rain After Drought

Another day of writing a Fib, this one ascending / descending with a bit of rhyme.





Long await

Your glorious balm

Pour out thy fire

Of cleansing pain

Gallop across this

Land with ire

Feign death




© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

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Kiss (A Fib)

A test of
Your patience to with
Stand all that this life can throw at
You while the seas rise
And fall and

Flinch Catch
The ball that’s
Flung hurdled straight on
With the sun in your eyes blinding
You to the truth of all you squint at and do not see
It is beauty that grabs you by the neck 
and will not release you 
until you kiss it
full on

© Jilly's Poem & Photography

Fibonacci poetry was founded by Gregory K. Pincus
Care to learn more about this form?
Click here for a ten-year-old Poetic Asides post
in which Robert Brewer gives details.
Clearly, mine drifts a bit towards the end,
but math was never my strong suit.

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A Life Most Irksome

Light housekeeping she sets in place
With charming knickknacks in the space
Feathers her nest in anticipation
Past plans to leave in abjuration

Whistling, humming quite content her knitting
Booties, blankies, for her children fitting
Unknown to her my ire rising
How dare she thrive, so surprising

Audacity her cloak and cape
To build her life is her mistake
I cannot bear the very sight
My teeth on edge all through the night

As I consider how she spins and toils
Red before my eyes, my blood boils
The hatred floods my head and heart
She now must go at once depart!

The fruit as like for eve prepare
Temptation placed within her lair
Baited she will now be fated
Fall upon her back six legs sated

© Jilly's

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That day arrived when my Wrangler was delivered, the green Sahara with trail cloth seats and a kickin’ sound bar.  Top down 10 months out of the year and we were in drought there in South Carolina.  This was the drive that defined me and I would play Santana level ten, red hair flyin’ in the wind, burnt orange lipstick, darkest of dark sunglasses, singing at the top of my alto voice, screamin’ when it screamed, crying when it wept, and dancing at the lights.  “We saw you yesterday on Harbison Boulevard,’ he said with an indulgent grin.  “Ah,” said I, and was I singing?” They smirked and did not reply. “Too bad about that rod,” I said privately, digging in my purse for the keys and skipping on my merry way.

A blistering sun

Carolina skies deep blue

Straight on in the wind

© Jilly’s

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Longing For May

Today is the last posting for National Poetry Month and Maureen at NaPoWriMo suggests writing about something that occurs again and again. Thank you, Marueen, for hosting this each year!  Thank you to all poets for writing, baring your souls, for pouring out your lives in your wonderful words.  Poem On, Y’all!  Jilly


Longing for May

Endings are always
the same, avoid, cry and then
move on, leave April again

© Jilly's Poem & Photo