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Six Word Saturday #10

Deliberately Returning to Unreason with Harrison


Last spring I read Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison.  The collection was a compelling read; so much so, that I went back through it and culled 28 lines as personal writing prompts.  Looking back, I realize it was one of the most fruitful times of poetry writing for me, and also one of the most satisfying.  While choosing NOT to read any of the poems I wrote in those days, I am returning to the 28 lines with a fresh eye.  (Hopefully, 14 months is enough time for me to forget what I wrote before.) Knowing that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry (Burns), I plan to write and post daily for the next 28 days.  If you find a line worthy of a writing spark, feel free to join me!

Cheers!  Jilly