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Renga Challenge: They Answer Like Dead Men

“They answer like dead men

A sound silent as a thought”


This is a Couplet Renga Challenge for October Casting Bricks.  Care to join in?  Just let me know in a comment below and I will start a post for us.  I propose a total of 10 couplets; 5 each.  Everyone is welcome to give this a go or to stop by Jilly’s October Challenge and join in with any of the Collaborative Challenges.  Presenting a challenge of your own would be awesome, as well.  The more, the merrier!  

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A Blessing for our Daughters

Sarah Connor (Sarah Southwest) put forth a lovely Retourne as a Challenge for the October “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.”  Her opening stanza was for the occasion of her daughter’s 16th birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed completing her Blessing for My Daughter, keeping my own daughter in mind as I wrote.  Sarah’s words are in bold.

May your heart sing like the ocean,
May the air be clear around you,
May your midnight flame burn bright,
May your feet find firm ground to stand

May the air be clear around you
Words of kindness swirl about you
As a fresh breeze filling your lungs
and exhaling truth with your tongue

May your midnight flame burn bright
When your soul passes that dark night
The rays of the bold morning sun
Flood your eyes when trial is done

May your feet find firm ground to stand
and in scree, a friend’s proffered hand,
In all your day’s strange commotion
Shall you ever have my devotion.

© Connor / Lyman Collaboration

Everyone is welcome to join in with our collaborative poetry project of “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade!”  We begin fresh on the first Friday of each month.  A permalink can be found on the sidebar to your right.

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Renga – Geometry (Jilly /Sarah SW)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

Fibonacci sequences
Spiraling my fingertips

Primitive riddles
In sunflower’s eye are held
Voices sing out loud

The universe is dancing
Steps of fractal precision

Ribbons of crystal-
line explosions expanding
Inward gravitas

Outward, a centrifugal
Joy in movement, energy

Dark vitality
A matter of mystery
God’s hands compressing

We are gravity’s children
Held in eternal embrace

The circle contracts
Celestial hymn intones
Radial refrain

Time, space, matter energy –
Double helix corkscrewing.



A Classic Renga by two amazing poetess divas; Jilly & Sarah Southwest!  Interested in joining in with some collaborative poetry?  Join us over at Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks to attract Jade; everyone is welcome!

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Renga – Geometry (Jilly/Charley/Qbit/Madaket)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

An arc of conversation
repeats at high frequency

Unseen calculus
Area under your heart –
Infinity fails

Reveals unspoken postulates
Painful theorems eroding truth

Residue in cups
Wrestling your motes and beams
Whitewashed verity

Vitreous fibers obscure
A miasma of deceit

Cataracts of light
Impassable to the soul
Dark water falling

An incalculable angle
Vibrates and vies for integration

Strike the tuning fork
Voices search for common key
Hardened arteries

Implanting resonant stents
Bypass cholesterol thoughts

Tendons hum like wires
Chorded axioms of blood
Theory proved in song

Mainlining reason
To the point of origin.



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Renga Classic Challenge – Geometry

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens


[You’re Next! – 7 Syllables]
[7 – syllables]

[Repeat 5/7/5  7/7]

This is a Classic Renga Challenge for four poets.  Here is Qbit’s explanation with more details of how this works. Poet #1 writes a Haiku, Poet #2 writes a couplet with 7 syllables per line, Poet #3 writes another Haiku, Poet #4 adds another couplet.

If you would like to join in, leave a comment below and once we have 4 takers, I’ll create a new post and we will run with it.

This collaborative craziness is a part of Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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I Change Not – Collaborative Poem

As a leopard cannot change it’s spots

I cannot change, no matter what

I am that I am and was

Ever as such because

Spotted, red-striped or

Green polka-dots

Me is She

I am


Zems / Lyman
Collaboration for Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.

Sitting down to complete Vivian Zems’ nonet challenge, two things ran through my head; Put Me in the Zoo by Lopshire and Horton Hatches an Egg by Dr. Suess.  It is not wonder that the outcome is a silly, rhyming Suess-esque poem.  Vivian’s words are in bold.    Everyone is welcome to join in the collaborative challenge!

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I hold the needle, paused above my vein
pump a fist to watch it rise and bulge like
hungry goldfish lip-quivering for a grain
of tetra flake craving; a perma-blight.

What night-terror stands naked in the hail
leaves me gill-gasping, ravening for you
a gritty fix for this rapacious frail


Here is my Half-Poem Challange for the October Edition of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.  It is in sonnet form and I have written the first 7 lines, leaving it open for collaborative completion of the last 7 lines.  The English Sonnet is 14 lines in 3 quatrains and a couplet, holding a rhyme scheme of abab / cdcd / efef / gg.  Good luck and happy writing, my friends!  ~ Cheers, Jilly 🙂

Jilly’s October Challenge is open to all poets; please join us!

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Casting Bricks – Jilly’s October Challenge

Casting Bricks to Attract Jade

Jilly’s October Challenge!

Welcome, again, my Poetic Friends, to another round of Collaborative Poetry; I’m thrilled to have you here!  October has arrived and I am eagerly looking forward to the new challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade. The September Challenge remains open if you would care to go back and read any of the poems posted there.  We had some unique artistic works come out of the month, many fueled by the Renga Challenges posed by Qbit.  Let’s get October going; here’s how it works:

  1. Write a half poem and post it to your blog with a link or tag back to this page (Jilly’s October Challenge). If your Challenge poem is a form (sonnet, quadrille, etc.) please state as such and give a quick review of the form or a link to a site that does that for you.
  2.  Stop by here and add your Challenge link to our Mr. Linky.
  3.  Find other Challenges that you would like to complete. Write the 2nd half of their poem and post the entire poem to your blog. Return here to our Mr. Linky again and post the link to that completed poem.  You may also want to put a comment on the other person’s original Challenge post to let them know you have accepted their challenge.
  4.  Spread the word. Extend the invitation to your other poet friends to join us. We are creative, friendly and more than a little zany!  Everyone is welcome here!

NOTE:  In order to keep the links for Challenges (your half poem) different from the links for the Completed Poems, I suggest the following:  When posting your Challenge half poem, post the name you would normally use along with the word ‘Challenge’ behind it.  Ex: Jilly Challenge.

When posting the link for a Completed Challenge, post your user name & the name of the person whose Challenge you completed.  Ex: Jilly Colin (if I am completing a challenge put out there by our good friend Colin Lee.)

There is no expiration on our Mr. Linky, so feel free to post new challenges and completed challenges throughout the month.  Complete as many or as few challenges as you feel comfortable with.   Most importantly, have fun & flex your poetic muscles!

RENGA Challenges: Last month, Qbit at The Quantumverse suggested Renga, which is a Japanese collaborative poem that involves many participants.  It turned out to be a great idea!  If you choose to kick off a Renga, include the words ‘Renga Challenge’ after your name (ex: Qbit – Renga Challenge).  It will be up to you to assign volunteers to work on a Renga Challenge.  I am linking you back to Qbit’s explanation from September on this for guidance.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know through the Comments or Contact me directly.  Cheers!  ~ Jilly

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Ghosts at My Table Still

Sarah Connor’s Challenge Poem for September’s Casting Bricks posed a beautiful dilemma as I felt her portion of the work had a most satisfying wholeness about it.  Here is my completion of her Ghosts at My Table, with her words in bold.

there are ghosts at my table tonight
I write, not mentioning that
my table is a pale rectangle
of wood, so that perhaps
you picture your own table,
round, white, plastic –
or a dark mahogany oval,
and your ghosts are
the dark ring left by
a wine bottle, the last time
you had dinner with
a long lost lover,
or the scorched place
where you set down a pan
too quickly, the day
you heard that news
about your sister, while mine
are the assorted stains
and scratches left by my
children as they leave their
childhood, not quite ghosts,
waiting to fade.

traces, corner-of-your
eye glimmers of that wistful
year when the youngest
fell through the ice
yet returned to sit
on the OED to reach
the pudding and meat;
flickers of damp lashes
at the giving-away altar,
wondering if it were joy
or sorrow;  apparitions
that slip into the chairs
round the smaller meals
each night and hover, seamless
visions lingering long after
dishes are clattered and wiped
from my vision and I, wavering
between longings.

© Connor / Lyman Collaboration

The September edition of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade, our collaborative writing challenge, is drawing to a close, but since the links don’t expire, all are welcome to take the writing plunge.  I roll out the October Challenge on Friday, the 6th!!!  Looking forward to fresh and zany collaborations once again.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute a half-poem challenge or pose a Renga challenge, finding something to spark your imagination. ~Cheers!  Jilly

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Vernal Flutter Takes Flight

Taking up the Challenge from Colin Lee, here is my completion of his Vernal Flutter.  I invite you all to join in with the Casting Bricks September Challenge where we collaborate and enjoy each other’s work.  There are nearly 2 weeks remaining in the September Challenge.  (I will roll out the October Challenge on Friday, October 6th.)  All are welcome!

I have kept Colin’s rhyme scheme and, hopefully, his voice in this.  His words are in bold.

Awake my soul into a dream
A dream of robins’ poetry
Whereon tickly fluff of dandelions rhymes
And in silken crepuscular rays the verses stream
I hear a heartbeat
Dripping warm dewdrops of mead
Into the wind
Into her melodies of angelic sweet

Awake my soul to a poet’s scheme
A scheme of heron’s rhymes
Whereon snail’s spherical shells imagery curves
And in nocturnal dreams are lunar beams
I hear a wingbeat
Echoing soft reverberations of sweet wine
Into my core
Into her descants spring is complete.

© Lyman / Lee Collaboration