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The Highway Battered the Air – a poem

The highway battered the air
my ears
yesterday morning
two miles became
two meters
howling cycles of tires
deranged engines
dug their fingers
into the back door, pushed
into the epidermis of the house
I stopped up my ears
hid in the closet
wanting them to go away

They kept coming

Today the mercy of fog
silences the screams
cuts them down like a
silver sickle
drives them
from my ears
I go back to bed

The silence
is unbearable

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

15 thoughts on “The Highway Battered the Air – a poem

  1. The mercy of the fog, but then the removal of all feeling. Nice tension between those opposing needs — we can either feel or not, no middle ground really. Liked the two miles becomes two meters.

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