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Places I Have Lived

St. Joe
(never Ohio)
now in Orlando
(via some days in Kissimmee)
on the far reaching edges of insanity
and at times in mild hysteria
(where I’m known to grow purple wisteria)
but none can compare
to your eyes
(where I’ve also died)

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Join us over at dVerse where we are writing Quadrilles.
*Kissimmee is the name of a real town just outside of Orlando. It is known for tacky strip malls and cheap hotels near Disney World.



A wild soul writing poetry.

30 thoughts on “Places I Have Lived

  1. Ah Jilly… many times you make me chuckle aloud! 🙂 And I thank you for that. LOVE the way you’ve fit in the word “kiss” here….and love the rhyming – most especially hysteria and wisteria! Fun fun write! 🙂

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      1. Thanks!! Jilly! Valentines! is Like my Favorite Day Year ‘ Round also the Day
        Two Years ago
        That my
        Mother went
        To Her Death
        Bed The Rose only
        Lives With Flowers
        We Bleed
        As We Kiss
        Life from First
        Breath to
        For Love..
        As We
        Muse To:
        Live From: Again..:)

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      2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with me; I am honored.
        The Rose
        Reminder of
        Blood that steals
        thy sting,
        O Death.
        Saints who teach
        these secrets
        share in the suffering the
        glory, the day is lost in
        Hearts as are our
        hearts without Him.

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    1. Thanks, Laura. I’m writting quite a bit lately , just not posting much. I considered this to be something of fluff to meet a prompt. My camera is in need of work – debris on the lens, and I’m ready to get back to shooting, too. Wrote one item on The Extraneous Now…still thinking about it 🙂


      1. I know what you mean about fluff though not in reference here but to my own prompt responses – they have the worth though of creative writing exercises so we must not eschew them!
        Fluff on the lens though is more serious!

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