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Watershed ~ a poem

it is the apparatus of summer
to turn winter into a watershed
dividing the course of the rivers
one flowing to this side
the other, well, you know –

while the egg of remember
rolls away like that too
too pink lipstick
that was never the right color
while chanting
we was
we was
we was

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved
(damned new WP – my signature color is not to be found for all the stabs and misses. Teal; I just want my Teal – the one that matches my neon &. Just imagine that my signature line is Teal, okay? Thanks, Jilly)

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A wild soul writing poetry.

29 thoughts on “Watershed ~ a poem

  1. I love the alignment of this poem, Jill, it wouldn’t be the same on the left of my screen! I also love that you’ve chosen ‘watershed’ and that ‘egg of remember’ is a beauty.

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  2. This is such a thought provoking exploration of the term watershed….the first stanza the typical landscape phenomenon….and then such a shift in the second…a turning point…a realization marked by that detail of the too pink lipstick.

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  3. “the egg of remember” is such a brilliant image – my mind leaps to the oval and sees bright yellow – so then the “too too pink” is shockingly perfect … fascinating interpretation here in this poem – it’s a watershed moment to appreciate –

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  4. Ah, a poem-shape-shifter poem. Just about surrealist, except that there is this palpable reality throughout. The first half — to my ears — smacks of the school year. Winter break is the watershed (the Continental Divide) of the school year — separating eastward from westward. Then the other divide (North-South… around South Bend, say) where things that used to be flow away, float away… like the self we used to be.

    …or something like that. 🙂 There’s a lot of unexplored geography in this poem of yours!

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  5. Just a Note here, if you are using the Newer ‘Word Press
    Editor’, you can still revert back to the ‘Admin Version’
    And See if you find the Color You Need there.
    I’ve Never Moved to the ‘Newer Editor’ as i abhor it;
    hehe, So i shed it when it first came out With Winks..
    Other than that/this SMiLes When i turned
    53.. i stARTed DanCinG in
    Shed my Age…
    i Do DoCument the
    Results as i go 10,601 Miles
    NoW as Proof of Where i Go
    At Least Is irrefutable at 58..
    Strangely Enough
    A Newer
    i Still
    Turn Back
    Time is Playing From Head to toe..
    Life is ALWayS A Decision to Shed or
    Not to Shed A Dance And SonG NoW..:)

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  6. Interesting concept of the watershed–summer and winter, divided, but both flowing. And then the poem divided, too. The egg of remember that rolls away like that too pink–but oh so remembered lipstick. Fragile memories, or memories that hatch, like an egg, to form new ones?

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