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Thirty-Five Toes; No Soul

the seven-legged spider

pulls threads through

needles of daffo-lillies

and yuck-a-dills

awaits aphin-lets and buzz-a-winkles

carefully cleaning thirty-five

toes she thought should be


counting the lost five

wondering if it is true

that she lacks a soul

won’t go to heaven after all

© Jilly’s & Silly Jilly  All Rights Reserved

De is hosting the Quadrille at dVerse this week; join us!



A wild soul writing poetry.

26 thoughts on “Thirty-Five Toes; No Soul

  1. We have a motion-activated surveillance camera at our front door (called Ring) which alerts us with the slightest motion by a ring on our iPhones. Every night, without fail, a granddaddy long-legs spider walks up the bricks and triggers the camera. Maybe it’s the 7-legged spider. I’ll have to check tonight! I loved your quadrille. Great fun!

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  2. The existential questions you raise… paradise and eternity for arachnids… toes?!? As always, Jilly, your wordplay (lightly) masks the intelligent poeting going on. Standing ovation!

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