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Wrap-up of Unreason

Congratulations to all who pursued the 28 Days of Unreason 2018!

19 different poets were represented and while no official count was taken, we averaged about 9-10 poems per day at 28 days.  Let’s see…doing the math… about 250+ poems were written.  Many comments included expressions of growth as writers; that always happens 🙂  Do share your thoughts, my poetic friends.

I leave you with a complete poem from Songs of Unreason:

Horses by Jim Harrison

In truth I am puzzled most in life
by nine horses.

I’ve been watching them for eleven weeks
in a pasture near Melrose.

Two are on one side of the fence and seven
on the other side.

They stare at one another from the same places
hours and hours each day.

This is another unanswerable question
to haunt us with the ordinary.

They have to be talking to one another
in a language without a voice.

Maybe they are speaking the wordless talk of lovers,
sullen, melancholy, jubilant.

Linguists say that language comes after music
and we sang nonsense syllables

before we invented a rational speech
to order our days.

We live far out in the country where I hear
creature voices night and day.

Like us they are talking about their lives
on this brief visit to earth.

In truth each day is a universe in which
we are tangled in the light of stars.

Stop a moment. Think about these horses
in their sweet-smelling silence.

“Horses” by Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason. © Copper Canyon Press, 2011.

~ Jilly



A wild soul writing poetry.

22 thoughts on “Wrap-up of Unreason

  1. Thank you Jilly I have grown in this challenge that is so different from many others! It has really challenged me to expand in my thinking and writing. I am sad to see it come to an end but grateful I was introduced to you and the others–I have truly been blessed by all of you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Jilly, you and I were the first game outriders two years ago. Harrison was wild, unexplored poetic territory. Each time in, the country becomes more vibrant, less tameable, more demanding. Either that or I’m learning more of my uncharted mind. A true joy, this challenge. Thank you!

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  3. Charley, you were with me on the first day of Year , which began just a couple of months after Harrison solved all those questions. – I applaud your work and thank you for staying with this for three years. My deepest gratitude.


  4. I can’t believe I missed this challenge! Darn. I’ve been struggling to get back into a regular writing schedule since NaPoWriMo–this may have helped. I’m not very good at setting personal deadlines… there’s always that misleading ‘tomorrow’ that makes procrastinating too easy. I’ll go back and tackle them one by one. There’s always July, right?

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    1. Oh, I regret you missed it, too. Your writing is outstanding! Funny, but the challenge was born in 2016 in May as a way to keep my momentum going from NaPo.
      I will be mostly underground in July, but will stop by and read. I believe there may be a couple of others joining you. Write on! Jilly

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  5. That is a lovely poem—tangled light of the stars is a glorious image. Wrangling some of Harrison’s quotes wasn’t always easy and I didn’t do the whole 28 but the experience was a fulfilling one. Thanks!

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