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I took a nap and wept for no reason.
Awoke reborn,
the baptism of my tears
bursting chains
that held me at the
the brink of
some revolving door,
neither in nor out
of your lips
admitting anorexic sex
in some bleak
confessional chamber
where the catharsis
is my infected lust
and you just walk away

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

for Day 13 of 28 Days of Unreason

“I took a nap and wept for no reason”
~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason


A wild soul writing poetry.

21 thoughts on “Admission

  1. This poem requires some serious open-eyed reading. This is a recovery poem (in my reading) — “awoke reborn.” The tears… and the nap… snapped the chains of a tainted love (cue the 80s music). “anorexic sex” “infected lust” This voice is on the road to recovery with that “admission.”

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  2. A very potent poem Jilly! With ‘anorexic sex’ (what a line!) it calls to mind the differential meanings of lust and lusty. The revolving door is so symbolic of those relationships that keep us running in circles!

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    1. Thanks, Laura! I must admit I’m particularly fond of that phrase, myself. It brought some interesting things to mind. Sex that is starved. Starved of what?


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