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Words Again

Write a list of one-hundred
places you’d like to visit
(an exercise in inspiration or futility)
and right after thirty-three
(the high desert in October)
and thirty-four
(the Al-Can in August)
there is that pause in the stream
of consciousness —
the one you aren’t supposed to give
in to — but I do,
considering if it could be
mapped to show me how to
get to that spot
just behind your eye
(your right eye, because
it is your dominant eye)
and see the Atlantic
at sunrise
(in April, maybe)
the way that you see it
and write what you see
in some little notebook
watching your hand
(not my hand)
dash across the paper
the words
of my lips
bruised from saying
too much
when I meant to say
too little.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

for Day 10 / 28 Days of Unreason

"Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness"
from Birds Again 

~ Jim Harrison


A wild soul writing poetry.

5 thoughts on “Words Again

  1. I love how this goes from the general–pick any place in the world–to the personal desire to see what a loved one sees.
    Somewhat creepy, but did you ever see the movie Being John Malkovich? One of the things I said to my husband after we saw it was–Oh, so that’s how the world looks when you’re tall. I’m just 5 feet tall, so seeing the world through John Malkovich’s eyes was a bit of a revelation to me, and it also showed me my husband’s eye-view. (He’s a bit over 6 feet tall.).


  2. It’s truly a fascinating thought- to be able to see the world through another’s eyes. I am always amazed by those silly quizzes ‘what color do you see’ for my husband and I never see the same color. Well done Jilly!

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