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Day 10 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.”

from Birds Again

~ Jim Harrison

So many wonderful poems have been written in the first nine days!  Here is a to-date list of the participants.  Be sure to give yourself the treat of reading a few when you can; they are varied and beautiful!

Life in Portofino

Smell the Coffee

Jane Dougherty Writes

Fmme Writes Poems

qbit The Quantumverse

Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

Tell Tale Therapy

Yesterday and Today: Merril’s Historical Musings

Charmed Chaos

A Wise Woman’s Journey

Nameless Need


Thank you all for joining in!  Everyone is welcome to jump in and write.  Simply post your poem along with the Harrison line (with due credit) and then pingback here in the comments.  I’ll stop by and read, as will other unreasonable poets! Love y’all,  ~ Jilly





A wild soul writing poetry.

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