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The Abyss of You (Fernwood #14)

There is no measurement
for this
though I see you
throw your arms wide
as I back out of the driveway
each morning,
mouthing the word ‘more’

No wonder people
call us cute.

Let them talk.

The leap into the Abyss
of You —
my greatest free-fall

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

for You, my Love;  ‘Zhere Will Always Be…’ 

Day 8 of the 28 Days of Unreason
“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss”
from Bridge / Dead Man’s Float



A wild soul writing poetry.

18 thoughts on “The Abyss of You (Fernwood #14)

  1. My grandmother used to scoff at a neighbour standing each morning on her doorstep, waving her husband off to work with a teatowel but I guess she never experienced free fall! Lovely light hearted breadth and depth to this one Jilly – brought a smile too

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  2. A wonderful present to the “you” of this poem! You and “you” are certainly blessed (I don’t assume that this is just your poet’s voice!). The throwing wide of the arms and the mouthing of “more;” how can you doubt his earnestness. I don’t mean he’s a Wilde guy… 🙂 A beautifully painted picture of mutual love.

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