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My Own Teeth

I’m afraid of my own teeth
Sudden bony billy clubs
in the soft tissue
of my mouth, Bowie knives
lacerating my lips;
Tongue butchers.
What are they doing there?
What creator
designed such an anomaly
to house thirty-two enameled soldiers,
mandibularly backed mercenaries, in this barrack
of tender pinkness?

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

For Day 6 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Her nights are full of the red teeth of death”
Jim Harrison, from Life / Dead Man’s Float

  • For the record: I pulled these Harrison lines back in January, not knowing exactly when the challenge would begin or how the days would fall.  As many of you know, I spent yesterday a bit loopy on the after-effects of sedation over a root-canal redo.  When I saw the prompt for today, I had already made that appointment.  It garnered a laugh on my part and today’s poem just seemed appropriate.  The time in the chair yesterday was slight and completely painless, but my inability to find a sense of the vertical or my inner compass made the whole day rather silly. This poem is written in that light.  Life is funny that way; don’t you agree? 🙂  Cheers! ~Jilly


A wild soul writing poetry.

14 thoughts on “My Own Teeth

  1. “What creator // designed such an anomaly…?” My first reaction to this passage: “What immortal hand or eye, // Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” Teeth… tiger… danger lurking either way.

    Between the inadvertent biting down on cheeks, lips, tongue and the trips to dentist, et al — wouldn’t we be better off with some other mechanism? You nailed it.

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  2. Not sure what substance the dentist gave you but I want some Jilly if it means being this creative – the notion of “sudden bony billy clubs” reminds me of pirates and skull and crossbones.
    those last three lines are perfect:
    “to house thirty-two enameled soldiers,
    mandibularly backed mercenaries, in this barrack
    of tender pinkness?”
    p.s. hope the re-root works – nerve wracking!

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    1. Thanks, Laura! I’d prefer to just stick with a glass of red wine, but we find the benefit where we can! I figure there needs to be one decent poem out of something like a root canal 🙂

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