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words a-droppin’
don’t trip over
tongues a-hoppin’
clip-clop down
the sunny street
to tipsy-flirt
and dish it up
freshly tilled
piles O’dirt

Never fear
be slaves of
your ears won’t scorch
o’er the tittle-tettle

do ’em in
go ahead,
‘taint-no sin

© Jill & Silly Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Doing Double-Dutch jumping here today by writing a Quadrille for dVerse that uses the word ‘Cobble’ and also working from the Day 4 of 28 Days of Unreason. I felt like it was a good time to write a Silly Jilly; it’s been awhile.  🙂 

I am hosting the 28 Days of Unreason for the 3rd year in which we write poetry in response to selected lines from poet, Jim Harrison.  Everyone is welcome to jump in!  Today’s line is, “Fear makes for good servants and bravery is fraudulent”  from Vows.


A wild soul writing poetry.

39 thoughts on “Cobble-Slobber

  1. That’s a jaunty double-dutch quadrille, Jill! I love the rhyming and especially like the humour:
    ‘don’t trip over
    tongues a-hoppin’’
    and dish it up
    freshly tilled
    piles O’dirt’.

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  2. This is one of your Silly Jilly poems that I find slightly unnerving. There’s a sense of murkiness, of evil under it. I get an image of a tricksy goblin tempting someone. If I’d read this as a child, I think I’d have nightmares. So very strong, obviously.

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  3. “…clip-clop down // the sunny street // to tipsy-flirt // and dish it up // freshly tilled // piles O’dirt.” Haha! As Maxine (on the greeting cards) says, “If you haven’t anything nice to say about someone, come sit over here by me!” Gossip! Akin to murder in the eyes of the Almighty. Akin to pure gold among the peoples of the earth. Words that murder… in a fun little jingle. Great voice recording as well!

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    1. Thank you, Charley! Glad you saw my intent with this one. For some reason, I always want to do a sound cloud with the Silly Jillys. I like to make the sardonic come through.


    1. T’would!!! Been thinking of you this week. You do that every time. I think, ‘I’m gonna email NoSaint and tell him he’s missed’ and then you show up.
      Hey – you are missed!

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  4. Love this Silly Jilly! It’s lots of fun, and I love the rhymes, but I can also see what Sarah said about it being slightly unnerving–a bit of a Stephen King vibe–like kids playing till an evil clown comes.

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  5. I like the ironic juxtaposition “taint” “no sin”. The narrator is a little tainted by the easy disregard, she gossips, she fights, she is a ruffian just a little, she reminds me a little of my Uncle Peer 😉. But like Peer Gynt, she flows through life so rambunctiousness on her terms that we all want to be her, we see her as both tainted and as not sinful- strangely. I think we are all just jealous. Loved this. 💜

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