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Had I

Today’s Jim Harrison line is from his poem Return.

“Spring day, too loud for talk
when bones tire of their flesh
and want something better.”

from Return

Had I sweat a lather
crushing you under
my tongue
in an overblown show
of rain butting
her head against
your skull
forcing that

Had I broken your
bones into
shards of prismatic

Had I

Instead I was
at the sky
expecting God to hear
that plaint about
Fair and Not-Fair

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

for Day One of 28 Days of Unreason
Everyone is welcome to join in with these 28 Days!  

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A wild soul writing poetry.

25 thoughts on “Had I

  1. “screeching-owling” to God about fairness! You have brought wording beyond a science… into the alchemist’s lab… the darkened lab of Dr. F… where verb-nouns and noun-verbs creep out into the light. Wonderful!


  2. I agree with Charley, the imagery is incredibly potent and rich use of language allows the reader to interpret the poem in more ways than one! 💜

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    1. Please do, Vivian! I will be running Harrison quotes out each day, so I hope you will join in as the inspiration hits. I’m scheduling the quotes for shortly after midnight so they will be available across the pond by breakfast. June will be fun 🙂

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