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A Prayer for Rain

stop the bitter sun
it only sours the sky

petition the rain to beat
your skin until you swim

in forest smells of algae
of living mold

urge your lake
to worship the sea

to milk time after
you lie bare at her feet

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Kim at dVerse bids us write a Quadrille (a poem of exactly 44 words) using the word “Rain.”  Here in Florida we should be at the end of our Dry Season, a time we refer to as our Fire Season.  Instead we are in a prolonged time of rain thanks to an unstable weather pattern that brings tropical moisture both day and night.  There are no fires, including that rather large one that dominates the sky from dawn to dusk.  😉




A wild soul writing poetry.

35 thoughts on “A Prayer for Rain

  1. I also like the sibilance in the opening lines, as well as the use of taste to describe the sun and sky, and the ‘forest smells of algae / of living mold’. A rainy Quadrille for the senses, Jill;!

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  2. I had never thought the sun to be bitter… but now that you mention it, after a few days of clear you are left with a citrus sky. A wonderfully wild rain quadrille, Jill! A Harrison days of unreason poem!

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    1. Citrus sky! That is a poem of its own – you should write it. The Harrison reference is the highest of praise. I’m beginning to get the 28 Days of Unreason itch. What say you, Charley?


  3. Oooh! Oooh! Bitter sun and sour sky, rain beating us into the water to swim and smell for our lives. Urging the lake to worship the sea is tremendous! Just hanging out with that. You could pull any of these out and use them as a start or central image to half a dozen other poems!


  4. kaykuala

    until you swim
    in forest smells of algae
    of living mold

    The forest floor is rightly said to be alive. Great observation Jilly!


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  5. I like all the sibilant sounds. I think it rained at least part of every day here for at least a week, probably more. Yesterday, it was beautiful, sunny, low humidity–then back to rain today.

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