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An ancient Great Blue Heron
knuckles across the lake
to wage a fish war
against the egret

We’ve designed a fighter
jet after him, the way
his wings are set for landing,
I just don’t know which one,
F-something or some
other; I’m not versed
in the jargon of war,
but I don’t have to fish
and hunt to live.

I’ll buy tilapia at the market
letting the fat ones in our lake
get careless and lazy
sacrificing their children
to the wagers of war


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

9 thoughts on “Wager

  1. I”m impressed that you know the difference between a great white heron and an egret.
    And yes, the thoughts about war. . .it makes me think of “The Post” that we finally got around to seeing last night.

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      1. I thought it was a good movie–not a great movie–but certainly well-worth watching. We missed it in the theater, and I’m sure it was better seeing it there because we were distracted by a thunder storm and other things going on at home. But freedom of the press and all that–very timely.

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  2. I really enjoy the way you worked the two (potential) meanings of wage/wager into your poem — simultaneously, I think! And the line where you don’t rely on hunting/fishing is an awesome pivot… stops the reader dead in the air… er water. Excellent, Jilly!


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