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Stops and Starts

Funny the things that come to you
in the night, he said after a moment.

Your eyes, accustomed to that dark,
see his silhouette
against the distant
city light
all orange and skin.
He takes a drink
of the wine, turns
holds it out to you.
What poison
What apothecary

You are not back-lit
He won’t see your hand
as you drink.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


for dVerse Meeting the Bar where Amaya has us building bridges and filling gaps.

The Challenge:  Use a line from one book as your starting line and a line from another as your poem’s end-line.

I chose to use a line from my most recent read, A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles (highly recommend it!!) as my opener, but I edited it slightly.
“It is funny what comes to one at night, he said after a moment.”  Pg. 289

My end-line was taken from my next book, The Longest Road, by Philip Caputo“Letsgobackandstartover” Pg. 185 (yes, it is all run together like that!)




A wild soul writing poetry.

41 thoughts on “Stops and Starts

  1. Whoa, creepy. The trembling in the dark of course but especially the city lights, “all orange and skin.” This made me think of vice and murder. And the last line/quote was like a final thought you race to get in, even though you know it’s too late. You’re doomed. What a suspenseful read, Jilly!

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  2. I loved “A Gentleman in Moscow”!
    The lines, “What poison/What apothecary” made me think of Romeo’s death:
    “Here’s to my love! (drinks the poison) O true apothecary,
    Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.”

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