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She Speaks

With recognition to time spent in and around the theater, I don’t find it especially difficult to get into the mind and the voice of a character. As many of you know, I have been writing a series of narrative poems during April.  It was not a conscious choice; it just happened. I have jokingly said that these two characters have chained me to my laptop in the basement and bid me write their story. By the way, I call these two “She & He” backstage. Many of the poems have been prompted by NaPoWriMo or Poetic Asides, but I am often a day or two behind on those excellent prompts.  Today I took a day off work, went to a favorite Euro Market, ate shrimp, drank wine and determined that I would write and post from both prompts. NaPo suggested Rebellious writing (which I love!) and Robert Brewer charged us with taking the last line of a recent poem and making that the first line for today. I went with the last line of Palette Knife, which I posted yesterday: “Was that what she felt?” wherein, He is wondering about the scar that She has running from her lips.  In true rebellious spirit, She took pen in hand, breaking every rule of poetry, and actually addresses both you, the reader, and I, the writer.  Here is the outcome: (p.s. I must say, I was rather stunned by what was written here.)

She Speaks

“Was this what she felt?”  

How does he know what I feel?
How do you, Jilly-the-Poet 
     Or you, blog readers?

For the last eighteen days
you all have been focused on Him-
the ‘You’ of these poems,
gossiping about my scar,
as if I’m not even here!

Which of you has had a razor blade
taken to your face
at the hand of one who has promised
to love you, to treasure you, to
raise you as their own?

Would you have ducked as efficiently as
I did at thirteen?

“Was this what she felt?”

“Was this what she fucking felt?!”

In one respect you’re right.
You don’t feel it until you taste the blood.
Then you feel it every day
Every minute
Every second.

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 20 / She & He #18


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Her Most Crucial Feature

She didn’t start,
no hint of a quiver,
as though she had
been expecting it
sooner or later.

You reached
for her scar,
tracing its line.
A sympathetic pain
sprinted down your back,
your legs.

Her ramshackled eyes
kept you from
and in one beat

              she changed the subject.

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 20

She & He #17

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Palette Knife

“Passion clouds
your judgement,”
the street artist said
as you watched her
blending, brushing.

A palette knife-blade
drawn across
your mouth –
You never felt
the wound until
the kiss of a damp
fish-tinged breeze
and then the taste
of iron.

Was this what she felt?


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 19  and the subject of her scar resurfaces.

She & He #16

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Afraid that she will
Discover You
Uncover You
Will you
Be brave enough
To recover You?

Each morning You
Tear down
the duck blind
Only to Tetris it back
In place while
She sleeps
Beside You
Before You

Before her
You were
A concealment
Now You are a bereavement

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Day 18

She & He #15

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What blue brings you to this place

where she is cobalted to the walls of your house

and you are azured into thinking that she

won’t loiter long enough to know

all the hues of you?

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Join us over at dVerse Poet’s Pub where Sarah introduces us to the artwork of Fay Collins.

She & He #14

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She rounded the board
rolling doubles
landing on all of your
buying up the property
of your days,
your nights.

She built houses
on your Primal Itch,
scratched behind
every ear
until you howled,

and while,
by Chance,
you were caught
in some endless
corner, barred
from play
by your own
bad rolls

She passed Go.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Day 17

Once again I’m a day late and dollar short – this is the Day 16 NaPo prompt.  Oh well!  The saga of my two characters continues to roll along through the month of April.  Not sure how their game will end up.  

She & He #13

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Tools of a Dream

You dreamt
in the night
of finding her
sitting at an outdoor
cafe drinking tea,
the contents of her purse
spilling onto the table;
an orange lipstick
and a small claw-footed
hammer —
you were only curious
about the lipstick, —
how does she
get it so smooth  
over her scar?

Waking in the early
light she is sitting
cross-legged next to
that ragged smile
wrenching your
arm behind you
until you cave

Bangs falling
damp across
her forehead like
twisted copper nails
from your
oaken skin

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

I’m a bit behind in the department of prompt response.  This one was triggered by the GloPo Day 14 about dream dictionaries.  The word ‘hammer’ has been tooling around in my brain for two days and here is how my two characters put it to use.  (Forgive me – puns intended!)

Day 16

She & He #12

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And suddenly
she stands
the palm of
your hand
you hold her
as she steps
your heart
tiptoeing down
the length
of your life
at you
from out
on that
slip of a

You gulp

the sound of her laugh

lest she fall

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 15 National Poetry Writing Month

She & He #11

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Her skin bathes you
in vanilla,
in foreign spice
making you see
places you never
longed for
like you long for

watching her
dunk and raise
dunk and raise
the tea bag
in broiling water
your taste buds
in her wake.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Day 14 and their story continues.

She & He #10

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Draining the ink
from your story
she makes
everything new.

Polyps bubble
on your face,
your hands
bursting open
as desert flowers
in blinding oranges
and strangling yellows.

You come forth
running with the sun
held above your head.
You are Ra.

              Great Ra.   
                                Mighty Ra.

Your heart will not stand as
a witness against you.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

And still these two characters bid me write their story during the month of April.  This is Day 13.  A nod to Poetic Asides for the prompt and a nod to my pillow for being too tired to go post this there.  🙂  Happy Friday, Y’all!

She & He #9