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Flying East / Flying West

Look for the finale of She & He tomorrow, April 30th!  Thank you to those who have followed the Narrative of these two characters through the month of April.  Their story has unfolded in a disjointed sequence as fiction often does.  I have shared it with you as it has been given to me by the voice of these two people.  Their voices come together today with He appearing on the left and She on the right.  Cheers! ~ Jilly 🙂


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Note:  Today’s post comes in the form of an image with thanks to my poet husband who saw me go through many struggles in attempting to format in WP.  🙂

She & He #27


A wild soul writing poetry.

13 thoughts on “Flying East / Flying West

    1. 🙂 This was so much fun to write and then I pounded my head against the wall for longer than I care to admit, trying to format it. Glad the image works. Thanks for your turbulent-esque comment – perfect!


  1. Why is it I hear a drum roll in the background? I can’t imagine the pressure you must be facing to come up with a perfect ending for this story…. I await it!

    The format and the wording on this installment is perfect. The drama in this is wonderful.

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  2. I love this, Jilly. This may be my favorite (now).
    I really like “doubts refuse to deplane.”
    I didn’t think of this until your comments about the image, but it sort of looks like images on a screen, which fits both of their thoughts.

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