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Fight or Flight

You played make believe
(pre)tending like
you love this calm

In real life you stopped
in the middle of
Halstead when
the crosswalk sign changed
to a flashing orange hand

Your blistered feet will insist
on clear music and guts

Splashing your warrior face
in honey wine
strong mead

You carry only
a boarding pass
2 artists’ brushes
one small, clean canvas

clutching a tissue paper flower
in your hand


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


Day 27 of April / National & Global Poetry Writing Month. This is poem #25 in a Narrative Series that I call She&He in which I explore the relationship between two fictional characters.  Their story can be found right here by scrolling back through the month.  We move toward denouement as the end of April approaches. Thank you to those who have been reading along with them.  Cheers, Jilly 🙂

She & He #25



A wild soul writing poetry.

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