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don’t let your complicated Self-talk
defeat your desire for flagellation

take your hands from your pockets
whip your unseasonable Sins to a blue glow
crash the pearly gates of Doesn’t Matter

you’ll never recover from
the textures of her laugh
or those thunder strokes of Simple

it’s not too hard to unreject


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved


Day 26 of April / National & Global Poetry Writing Month. This is poem #24 in a Narrative Series that I call She&He in which I explore the relationship between two fictional characters.  Their story can be found right here by scrolling back through the month.  They now have just four days in which to wrap up this saga! Thank you to those who have been reading along with them.  Cheers, Jilly 🙂

She & He #24


A wild soul writing poetry.

6 thoughts on “Unreject

    1. I’ve given them an ultimatum: Wrap up their story in April or I’m having them arrested!
      In a world where so little is simple, sometimes we have to hold onto it when it comes.
      I am honored that you took the time to read so much of this. Thank you, my friend!

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