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Sour Embrace

Unasked questions
spread across her face
seeping into and out of
the corners of her eyes

You caught each other
in the act of making
other plans

All that is left
is one long sour

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 24 of April / National & Global Poetry Writing Month. This is the 22nd poem in a Narrative Series that I call She&He in which I explore the relationship between two fictional characters.  Their story can be found right here by scrolling back through the month.  Thank you to those who have been reading along with them.  Cheers, Jilly 🙂

She & He #22



A wild soul writing poetry.

6 thoughts on “Sour Embrace

  1. Deep is the dysfunction that drives relationships. If I’m reading this correctly, they were both exercising human freedom — anathema in some couples’ lives. Codependency at the far end of things. Maybe not there yet. (Again, I’m not at all certain of my interpretation here.)

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  2. I read earlier this morning, then over again a couple of times now. I want to say this poem is a lemon, but that is a complement!! Just squeeze her eyes and face like juice, like the sting of lemons.


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