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she sat on the sidewalk
near your front door
gathering up the fallen
white petals of Impatiens
that grow there

sheltering them in her
hand, you lit them on fire

ignoring your tears
she slept beside you
with her shoes on

she didn’t burn


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 23

Lillian is hosting at dVerse where we are gathering our thoughts and words, 44 of them, to be exact; writing quadrilles.  Join us!

She & He #21



A wild soul writing poetry.

56 thoughts on “Collect

  1. I found it most intersting that you used impatiens for this….
    and when I first read the title, I read it as the “collect” in the mass…the prayer. Double meaning maybe?

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      1. Thanks! My goal is for each poem to stand on its own, but, yes, there is a month-long narrative taking place. It wasn’t my plan…just sorta happened.


  2. You were so kind to comment at my site. I had come by here earlier and did not know what to say! I think when I have more time I have some reading to do for more of the tale. I was struck though by the last stanza where though he lit the fire he is the one that has tears which she ignores and sleeps beside him despite the fire lighting, albeit with shoes on. I agree with you that though there is an implied larger story, the poem does stand on its own. I am glad you have let this whole thing have its way.

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    1. Thank you! I enjoy the insightful reading.
      As a fellow writer you know the feeling of being told to take dictation by the characters or the subject of a poem or fiction. It’s why we huddle closely together; we understand each other’s quirks 🙂


  3. When is a flower not a flower. I seem to remember an earlier flower… that also wasn’t a flower.

    Shoes… walking shoes? So much to consider. It’s never easy with a Jilly poem! 🙂

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  4. Her not being burnt – became untouchable? – if another name of Impatiens is ‘Touch me Not’? There are ‘virtual’ fires – usually of the cleansing sort. I did some more back-reading, He loving her scar more than her … no wonder she kept her shoes on while sleeping next to him, time to move on.

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