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Battle Wounds

Battle worn
and weary
you let her board.

She flinched
and flew
and you —
Only You  —
three hours west
as she
the cloud barrier
and flew off
for the east,
the you-less east.

What bloody stump
did she wrap
in an old T-shirt
and cradle, waving
off the sympathetic
looks of the flight crew?

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

I’m a bit off on writing prompts; this one is in response to one at Poetic Asides from a couple of days ago.  Today is Day 11 and the beat goes on with these two characters!

She & He #8


A wild soul writing poetry.

7 thoughts on “Battle Wounds

  1. Whew! The metaphorical bloody stump of love (a hit song in the ’60s?)! You write amazing narrative. And you are right, these two are taking you for a ride. Ride them as long as they let you!


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