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when the trees buzzle their roots
into the soil
below the frost line

she is waiting for the bus
           struggling to zip her coat
                              juggling hot chocolate

you stop,
make a zipping motion
a question
an offer on your face
she smiles

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

It’s Quadrille time at dVerse!  De has charged us to include the word “Zip” in our poem of 44 words.  April has surprised me with a series of poems that are in the same voice (2nd person), telling a story of two people.  The saga began on Day 3 and continues.  I’ll ride this roller coaster until all of it has been shaken from my pockets and deposited on the ground.

Day 9

Pssst!  Join me tomorrow night – I’m hosting Poetics and we are going to paint this town!

She & He #7


A wild soul writing poetry.

56 thoughts on “Zipping

      1. Bah! I completely fumbled it. Was such a great idea this AM, but not enough time to really work my way through it. Thanks for buzzle though! My favorite part of your poem.

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      2. Thanks, I might come back and do that. I thought it was going to be easy, just pull out a bunch of well-known super hero/villain names vs. my poetic overimagination, and a good time would be had by all. Was way harder than that.


  1. Oh, THIS!
    “when the trees buzzle their roots”

    Fantastic! And I love that you poems are dictating their own voice, at this point. I love when they take charge! Happy Poeming April, Jilly!

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      1. Yikes! I have trouble with fiction; I get these great starts with wonderful characters, but freeze up when the going gets going. I’m just going to roll with this until it doesn’t.


  2. First visit to the ‘story’ of these two which I have to say is overshadowed by the use of the word buzzle…..buzzle……buzzle….(this is me saying it out loud with a big grin)…new favourite word….buzzle…..buzzzzzzzzzzzlllllllllllleeeee 😉

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    1. Haha! Much! The closeness of zipping someone’s coat on a cold day is terribly intimate and that is what I was going for. It also holds a vulnerability – for both. Glad you are enjoying this story as it unravels…unzips.


    1. Dwight – This is, I think, Chapter 2. It is a series that began on Day 3 and keeps going. I didn’t set out to do this, but these two characters took over my laptop! I’m currently locked in the basement, chained to the keyboard. Send lawyers, wine & chocolate!

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  3. I’m with all the above–you win with “buzzle.” What a great word, and a great line.
    That is so funny about your characters holding you hostage. I guess you just have to keep on writing! 🙂

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  4. I like your line breaks, Jilly…giving a concise intro to each unique part of the scene….”January”, “she is waiting for the bus”, and “you stop”. A vivid story that begs to keep going……

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