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13th Floor

This pixie
with the fragmented
picks up your fallen
your fallen days
as the elevator
lightly hammers



thirteen.  She vanishes
through the doors

thirteen                 thirteen                       thirteen

and you continue
to nineteen
feeling all the pressure
of five stops between

How many times do you ride
and return

forgot my coffee cup

forgot my phone


waiting for enchantment
at thirteen?

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo and we are encouraged to explore the magical and mysterious in our writing.  In keeping with the mystery of April, I continue the unintended story of two people that began on Day 3.

She & He #6


A wild soul writing poetry.

9 thoughts on “13th Floor

  1. Thirteenth floor! You (the you of the poem) certain she was a pixie? Jilly, did I detect the return of the scar? Or was that a fragment of my imagination? You have my attention for this poetic narrative that seems to be taking place. I really am enjoying the voice.

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    1. Thanks, Charley! Yes, that fragmented smile is a reference to the scar. I am enjoying writing this, though it wasn’t was I set out to do in April. These two characters have my full attention – like watching a movie playing out on the paper.


  2. It took me a tempo of “thirteen… thirteen… thirteen…” before my mind kicked in. Great stuff. Hey, pixie, bring back Jill’s stuff! Hey, wait, is the pixie Jill? Who’s thirteen here anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

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