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She pulled a cherry picker
up, aiming for your heart,
but overshooting the mark
she plucked your voice
leaving you wordless
with flailing arms
like an adolescent bird,
head and feet too big
for your body,
all awkward and ridiculous.

All you could do was
peck at her reflection
in your mirror
leaving little annoying
beak marks and wing dust.


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Day 5 National Poetry Writing Month

She & He #3


A wild soul writing poetry.

7 thoughts on “Fledgling

    1. Thank you! When I wrote this at lunch the image in my mind was of a young blue jay. They epitomize awkward for me. The title I must credit to my husband-writer, as I flapped around and came up empty.

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      1. I will have to look for young bluejays. I think I’ve only seen the grown ones, who don’t seem awkward at all.
        One of our cats has long legs, and when he was a kitten, he didn’t really know how to control them. Picture cartoon cat flying across a coffee table. 🙂 Good call by your husband.

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