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Case # 3,721

The red tail of the plane
catches the morning sun
Alan Parsons sings
“Where do we go from here?”

You pull your collar
tight against
the memory of her
that little scar
running from her
scar tissue forming
itching in the marrow
of your bones
a rash out of reach
of Benadryl

You vowed not to watch
that plane
but your eye is
pulled upward only
to see clouds that look
like another April

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Posting on Poetic Asides 

Day 4

She & He #2


A wild soul writing poetry.

6 thoughts on “Case # 3,721

  1. It reads like the beautifully crafted teaser at the beginning of your suddenly favorite novel, the one you picked off the shelf because of the cover and now you are carrying to the register. You don’t know if it’s the beginning or the ending of the story … but you have to know about the scar. Excellent, Jilly!

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