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Buy Me Some Peanuts

“ Today, we challenge you to write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure. “  GloPo / NaPoWriMo 


Y’all will prob’ly think that I’m nuts
but the thing that I crave is merely jus’ this
don’t want a can that’s all mixed and such
a day packed with anthems is all that I wish

Cold beer in my left hand, score pad in t’ other
a cellophane bag perched between suntanned knees
this is the line-up in summer I’d druther
I shell those dry roasteds, dust an’ skins to the breeze

Like the o’er confident show-off who takes pen in hand
completing the Times crossword on Sunday in ink
pristine is my scorecard, no balk for this fan
don’t miss a play – don’t even blink

Shells at my feet, crunching dry powder
beer down to suds, what remains is a ring,
fans in a frenzy, the crowd gets but louder
then round the seventh we all stand to sing

Give me a game where the pitchers do battle
outsmarting the hitters, scoreless the day
burn past the bull-pen, closers unsaddle,
last nut in the bag is a rare triple-play.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

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