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Stilled Winds

NaPo is upon us!  April may be the cruelest month for many-layered reasons in Eliot’s world, but it is my favorite month as a writer and poet.  A remarkable thing happens each year as April approaches; my muse, the flow of inspiration and writing, dries up, leaving me fearful that I will have nothing for April.  But then, April 1st hits and as though the quiet period was a big April Fool’s joke, it unleashes itself and the writing comes flooding back. I try to stay mystical with it and not get too psychological or logical about the process.

Today is March 31st. Today is a full moon; a Blue Moon; the second Blue Moon in two months.  A rarity in rarities.  I look forward to these events, often with my camera in hand, but this one is going to be a bust here in Florida – our forecast is for clouds this evening. But like my writing, I know that big moon is back there behind those clouds.  It’s not really the best analogy, I know, but it’s all I have this morning, pre-coffee.

For the last couple of days I have been reflective and in listening mode.  I have felt that compelling, chest-expanding sensation that usually comes with a burst of writing.  There are words, images, thoughts, bouncing around in me awaiting the firing of the starting gun. On your mark, get set….

stilled winds turn to storms
blue moon sheltered by dense clouds
white heron dips dives

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A wild soul writing poetry.

11 thoughts on “Stilled Winds

  1. Mega-great Haiku!! Or should that be “meta-great?” metal grate. Storm drain. OK. Storm clouds starting a patter of rain before the deluge. No, no. Stars. Need star thing. Star power. Keanu Reeves in the sky. No, terrible. Oh man, April going to be a wreck!

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