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Loss of the Grey Areas (A Lament)

“I have seen eyes in the street”
Felt their dark, dark pupils greet
the piano keys of white
and black, striking strings that bite

through my palms, poison complete.
Fleeing the scene, blistered feet,
In circles returning; flight
is not to be; kiss the kite

flown as a surrender flag
Take our tongues- a body bag;
Stand and greet the rising sun;
Stand and greet the day undone.

Quoted text from T.S. Eliot’s Rhapsody on a Windy Night

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Frank challenges us to write in the Tanaga form at dVerse.  Join us!



A wild soul writing poetry.

32 thoughts on “Loss of the Grey Areas (A Lament)

  1. A lament to loss of civility; the ability to see the sanity of the other side as well as the ability to see the flaws in one’s own chosen stance. Everyone has been pushed to one side or the other by biting anger. (You’ve said it better and with fewer words.)

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  2. this has the same terse rhythm of Dylan’s ‘it’s allright Ma’ which fits so well with the message here – your imagery is tantalisingly just out of reach – like the grey areas

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  3. To me this reads as an experimental poem, despite adhering to the form. Which, in itself, is an appropriate way to honor the grey, that which pushes us to try just a little harder. I also really liked “strings that bite.”

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    1. I’m glad you saw that, Amaya. Been teaching sonnet form all week in my classroom, along with much discussion about the philosophy of forms & the breaking or bending of rules. This represents the rebel within 🙂


  4. “Kiss the kite, flown as a surrender flag.” This line especially resonates with me. Your title says it all….today’s news of we vs them……..polarizing language. Perhaps that’s why so many, millions in fact, find hope in the youth movement begun by the Parkland teenagers. True, they are on one side of an issue, but they’ve drawn many to action and have been inclusive at the same time. They say to everyone, come join us. And, I do think, perhaps they are pointing folks to the grey….the idea that there is space between point A and point B….perhaps A3 and A4 etc….after all, in grading there is an A- and a B+. As in – yes, we can still have the second amendment and make some common sense changes. Ah…you’ve got me going this morning. Perhpas some day there will be an Ode to the Grey Areas 🙂

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    1. As a high school teacher, my students have been looking at that issue with a critical eye. Their findings have been surprising.
      There is a quote on my board:
      “I am creating a place where you can have a different political ideology and not be judged.”
      The Youth March group has been exclusionary, hurting my conservative kiddos. I stand in the grey for both groups. It’s a lonely spot. Thanks for your insightful comments!


  5. I grieve with you, Jilly. I often wonder … Has it been selfish and stupid of me to have children at a time like this, when the future looks only gloomier and gloomier, brewing only conflicts and little hope?

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