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A Silly Jilly story with a not-so-subtle allusion for the Eggerific Quadrille at dVerse.  Eggsellent of you to read, my friends!  Do scramble on down and leave a comment; serious or yolking.  A toast of the nog to Kim for being such a good egg and hosting tonight.

Eggnominiously eating every
bruised blackberry blini
Wallace wasn’t worthy
of officious offerings of
forgiveness feigningly foisted
upon undue umbrage

Unrepentantly he penned:
“This is just to say”
“Forgive me”
Wilimina was

The pantry was purged
of all prestigious
fruits forever.

© Jilly & Silly Jilly  All Rights Reserved





A wild soul writing poetry.

29 thoughts on “Eggscomunicated

  1. Hey! Hey! *I* was going to eggscommunicate something, you stole my word! Now I’m left with eggsistential , eggsonerate and eggsplosive. Wait, hmm. That last one might not be bad… Anyway, eggstra great write.

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  2. Ah, the true story comes out! I have plum(b)ed the depths of this tale, seeking knowledge — how many, how cold, how delicious? How royal? But blinis? I had no idea!

    A brilliant write — even if I have some of it wrong — Jilly!

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  3. I can’t stop chuckling, Silly Jilly! I love the assonance, alliteration, puns and general fun of this eggspressive Quadrille! And blackberry blinis could be a new thing!

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