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Into the Sun

Far-fetched fires
they strike you
as you round the corner
unprepared for the stunning
atrocities of every lost moment
that a century of poets
could not name

Shift your coffee to the other hand
tip your head and watch the ashes
rising up


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

dVerse Quadrille



A wild soul writing poetry.

49 thoughts on “Into the Sun

  1. Wow Jilly, I love this! Although it does sound a little apocalyptic, it also seems a lot like a beautiful sunset, making me think that a lot of our big moments that have been bad, have also had a majesty, and a beauty.

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  2. I love the idea of coming face-to-face with every missed poetic moment… every moment that defied the poet’s pen (I’m reading into this, I know!). Turn the ashes into art. Write with the blood of life, love, death, and apathy.


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  3. Whoa, Jilly, so much power in this. Or maybe you’re illuminating the reality that poets can do nothing but watch and name, powerless to change those ashes floating by, yet with all the power in the world to give them meaning. And I love the literal shape of the fire poem too.

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  4. What a striking shape this poem has got. Shifting the mug to the other hand makes me think of a shift of perspectives — from the abstract, imaginative right-brainer to the logical, problem-solving left-brainer. The ashes rising … Hmm …

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