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Ars longa, Vita Brevis!

Art is long, life is short!

Vita Brevis, The New Poetry Magazine has published Sycamore, a previously unpublished poem of mine!  Look for it in today’s edition of this successful new Literary Magazine and while you are there, browse around at the gallery of classic artwork and the new poetry of some very gifted writers. For the first time on my blog, here is


We come to the place
we call Silent
to forget the sound
of cars on the highway
setting up our camp chairs
with an eye toward
the water
where a heron fishes
squirrels tatter over territory

The wide hand of a sycamore leaf
drops from the tree
lands at my feet.
Its scent lingers
summer’s green spills
on my hands
as I peel the flesh
along the veins, pouring
its dust onto the breeze.
Only the thin bone
of a stem remains.

A new breeze gallops
before the cold front, rustles through
Silent —
a frantic four or five fallen
leaves mount the wind,
crossing the grass.
They gather at my feet

© Jill Lyman (Jilly’s)

Published by Vita Brevis, The New Poetry Magazine, January 18, 2018




A wild soul writing poetry.

15 thoughts on “Sycamore

  1. Congratulations… for the publication, but also for the deeply spiritual mystery you have laid into this seemingly innocent poem. What office does the poet voice fill, crushing, destroying, freeing that leaf (heavenward?). And why do others come, expecting? Hmmm.

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