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The Neglected Lives of Poets

Forgetting breakfast for tea and last night’s scrawled
lines over wine and a midnight muse,
we finally break eggs, butter toast, call it brunch.
The pan, long-cooled, ignored on the stove —
coffee is poured, the landscaper’s bill
pushed behind the sugar bowl —
a laundry marathon spins out at the top of the stair,
wringing thread-bare towels of their last hope.

We are picking peaches with Li-Young Lee

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


Two poems by Li-Young Lee: The Weight of Sweetness and From Blossoms



A wild soul writing poetry.

16 thoughts on “The Neglected Lives of Poets

  1. Okay, dang! You’ve been peeking in poets’ windows (Billy would be so proud, come Monday!). That final line pulls you up short and, if you are a poet (or reader of poetry), causes you to go, “Oh!” With a smile on your face. It’s that good, Jilly!

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    1. Thank you, Charley! Appreciate your Billy reference. The impact of the final line has been a significant focus for me lately. Rilke’s “Torso” & Wright’s “Hammock” have speared me through.


      1. I just now read “The Gift” and I do believe I’m hooked. I can understand the small doses. I actually felt that way with “From Blossoms” which emitted a very audile sigh upon finishing. I will let you know which ones I like as I read more.

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