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Renga – Winds Can’t Heal (Jilly/qbit)

A Collaborative Renga that qbit and I completed as part of the December Casting Bricks Challenge. It took us a week to get through it, but the outcome was worth the work! (It also plays nicely with my Wordless Wednesday post today.) Look for Jilly’s January Challenge on Friday of this week. All are welcome to join in with some collaborative poetry!


What the winds can’t heal
The contrails sever

Winter howls
from a wounded sky

Spliced fragments of discontent
litter the cutting room floor

Of the hunched and hungry

light that has never shone
Moloch’s restless domain

Its bitter meal
usurps our Threnody

Offspring of the beatnik fringe
slice their tongues on prosody

Their teeth drowned red
from parsing wine

The young so wise
abbreviated flights in time

Dovetail earth an sky
mulled, singular, primed

Jilly, qbit

Jilly’s Renga Challenge – Winds Can’t Heal
For Jilly’s December Casting Bricks

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A wild soul writing poetry.

18 thoughts on “Renga – Winds Can’t Heal (Jilly/qbit)

    1. Aw, crud! You can add it to your post, but it won’t show on the reblog. I think you have full access to the photo if you want to still do it. All I ask is that you add a tag for Harry P. Leu Gardens.


      1. The January Challenge will post -5 GMT (US East Coast), midnight Saturday night for you.
        I will post a couplet Renga Challenge that is open to whoever wants to bite. I will go ahead and set one up for you and I and link you to it as Jilly/Maureen. You add your next couplet in the comments section on that post. Generally a 2-person Renga is 10 total couplets (5 each), but we can alter that if we want to. We’ll see where it takes us! The one that qbit & I did here took on a serious tone, but that same challenge with Portofino went humorous.
        Look forward to it, Maureen!

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    1. Thanks! qbit is a great challenger to work with. Hope you join in with Casting Bricks – Jilly’s January Challenge will post at -5GMT tomorrow. Looking forward to the excellent challenges you toss out there, my friend!

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