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Winds Can’t Heal – Jilly/Charley

What the winds can’t heal
The contrails sever

Flight to Havana, stopover
in Miami – looking for Cuban food

Settled for Vichyssoise
The eyes remind me of you

Your cold fish glance
As you detached from “us”

Missed the boarding call
Took Uber to South Beach

A diet from you – from drama
Low-carb sun worship

Snorting salt – talking to myself
While the crazy people gawk

Took sustenance on the sand
Salad days with little dressing

Sword-swallowing the contrails
Begging the wind to break my ribs

What the land breeze can’t evaporate
a clean cut condenses



A wild soul writing poetry.

41 thoughts on “Winds Can’t Heal – Jilly/Charley

      1. I like it! Punster extraordinarie, as always!
        This takes us to our last two couplets – I’ll try to go back and pick up the orginal thread and see if we can wrap up this zany trip!


      1. That came out great! The last two couplets are stunners. “sword swallowing contrails” and “the wind to break your ribs” is amazing! And the final clean cut is perfect.

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  1. I love the jaded, sarcastic tone of the whole poem, epitomized in the lines: Settled for Vichysoisse/The eyes remind me of you. I agree with Qbit, those last two couplets kick ass. For me, those lines bring the rawness behind the sarcasm to the fore. So great!

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