46 thoughts on “trail

  1. Lovely duplicity there, and intriguing message. I favor words left behind like broken stems & branches to find my way back–even though we’d like believe we push ever forward–yet as the pile of poetics grows to hip-high–there sees to be a limit to new shifts, nothing is truly linear I guess.

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  2. I had to take this out of my reader… go to your blog to see what was happening. And that’s what it is… this poem doesn’t just sit a page; it happens. It should never be viewed on the WP reader! Kind of like listening to Whole Lotta Love on a single speaker. Hardly mind-blowing. I love the format!

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    1. So glad! I haven’t read it out yet – normally I do. Thanks for taking the time with it. I find the layout a bit difficult to follow, but WP is nothing if not a challenge. LOL!


      1. The punch line is that when I first opened it up, there was no formatting so I read it “straight”. i had no idea what everyone here was talking about, LOL! Now I can see it with the formatting, and the “two poem” idea. I liked both versions, but in different ways!

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  3. For me there was a feeling of the persona of this poem being not in control, feeling insignificant but then the act of drilling the hole, an attempt at control and a seeming success with the final word here. Hope that’s not too far off, I like that it has a status quo and then a twist and a resolution. A lot happened in that pocket!

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  4. An interesting idea.
    It crossed my mind this week that poetry is like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs. We cast our crumbs of life experiences and others come along and eat them. So we have to keep on going . No going back!

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  5. through the tiny hole I drilled there
    so as to find my way back here

    You are a strategist Jilly to have thought of a Plan B as an option. One sometimes forgets to allow for a safety net thinking the first choice is the only choice. Very clever visual too. Obviously, a lot of thought had gone into this!


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