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she stood at the dance

edging the wall

hating them all

watching the rare common girls

flipping their hair

pretending not to notice them stare

those boys standing near

who were playing for fear

games of choice and derision

like paper, rock, scissor, decision.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Join us at dVerse Poet’s Pub for a bit of Quadrille word play.  It rocks!


A wild soul writing poetry.

35 thoughts on “Pressed

    1. There is something about the limit on word count that forces us to hit the nail squarely, don’t you think? I like that requirement, even when I curse it. (I chose the ‘avoid’ option!)


  1. who were playing for fear
    games of choice and derision

    The inexperienced boys have a lot to learn in their early encounters with the bashful innocent girls. They will both learn, they learn fast in such things! That we have seen Jilly, and you got it right!


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  2. I swear I didn’t peek before writing mine! We even got the same order — paper, rock, (and) scissors — which I chose for its trochaic flow. Like you said, great minds. 🙂 Nice rhyming and fun narrative, Jilly, which also reminds me of my debut poem in dVerse.

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