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Grit (an Ode)

Oh! Glorious, that tiny speck of sand
as a boulder found within my shoe
picked up along the sidewalk unplanned
brought my wandering thoughts back anew

For as I strode that silver slip of path
my thoughts had drifted toward a darker bent—
fretful, fearful images, destruction, unspent wrath—
anguish and despair were freely given vent.

The sting upon my heel felt most keen,
I paused and leaned upon a light post there
and emptying that bit of ancient shell, a scene
fell within my gaze, I stopped to stare.

The image of those devious waves that rumble
and travel whelk and cockles ‘cross the shores,
what have I about to grumble
when that bright shard connects my heel with yours?

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Frank has us writing Odes at dVerse tonight.  Join us!



A wild soul writing poetry.

27 thoughts on “Grit (an Ode)

  1. I love the ambiguity of the connecting heels — you, too far from water… or you, brought together with someone on another beach. I realize this is poetic voice so the answer lies with you, the writer and me, the reader. And the answer(s) can be widely disparate. That’s the joy of poetry!

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  2. kaykuala

    anguish and despair were freely given vent.
    The sting upon my heel felt most keen,

    The seashore can be so unfriendly! One can never tell what lies in wait!


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  3. I love that you went out on tangents of imaginings- like Keats imagined the people on the urn. I also like that we chose nearly the same topic, go figure. I saw your title but I thought grit would mean the figurative type so that was a funny surprise!

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    1. Thank you! I noticed the connection, too. I took it a step beyond; I wrote during lunch today and gravel had a cameo appearance. However, that poem takes a backseat. Tonight my internal editor showed up. Tiles are coming up this evening…

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