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Institutionalized (with a Poet’s Soul)

26 carefullyarrangeddesks

1 teacherdesk

1 smartscreenthat nearlycoversall writable boardspace

1 commonsetof boardconfiguration magnets

so I will know what things to write each day
sothat whenan administrator
I-padtoobserve my


teaching style theycan
see-at-a-glance that
I have been assimilated
so I cangetmyextra
whereIneeda microscope fromthe


to my150studentswho
are savvy enough to roll their eyes
at the BeauracracyInPlace
and go on planning their careers
degrees in education

On the event of having to remove 2 easy chairs from my classroom because they violate the fire code which was the same fire code last year when the chairs were okay.

© Jilly’s Rant – All Rights Reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

23 thoughts on “Institutionalized (with a Poet’s Soul)

  1. OMG! What a wonderfully pointed, and accurate, jab at the educational… ahem, system! I feel like the schools have taken the military’s old play book and dumbed it down. I love the jamming of words… sounds like through gritted teeth. Excellent rant.

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  2. Though when I meet a good teacher, I do think there can be no better job. The actual teaching bit. I get a bit fed up of bureaucracy, too. I now have to wash my Lego once a month. I’ve timetabled it into my job plan, as my own little protest. Nobody has noticed, yet…

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  3. The system is sucking all the joy out of teaching and learning. Which, if you think about it is no mean feat. Teachers love to teach. Kids love to learn things or they wouldn’t be saying “Why?” every five seconds. Hope you get a break from the squeeze.

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