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Don’t reach for the stars
it will only give you a bad shoulder
that aches in the night
when you have slept
too long on one side.

Turn, instead,
your hands and thrust
them into your tender,
unprotected chest cavity,
carefully separating
the sinews, working
your way between
the seventh and eighth ribs.

There.  It is just there
that your fingers first accost
the upper edges of digestion
where you are still slowly working
out how to grapple
with that chunk of regret
from 1992.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

A few days ago, Charley over at Life in Portofino published a poem entitled A Matter of Love, in which he gave his unique spin on defining the word ‘Reach.’  It sparked something for my muse and Charley was good enough to allow me to borrow his word for the title and topic of this poem for Day 6 of my personal Poem-A-Day challenge.


A wild soul writing poetry.

15 thoughts on “Reach

    1. Thanks! Keep in mind that the poet & the poet voice are not always one and the same. 1992 was simply a year I pulled out of the air for this work. Rarely do my poems refelct my personal life directly. On this one, I simply ran with a single word – Reach. Glad you stopped by to read.

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      1. You are welcome. Yes, I do the same quite often. Still, I think we pull things from our experiences whether they occur to us or others, sometimes strangers. I think adding the detail of a year makes the piece appear that much more real. You are quite creative and I really enjoy reading you so it was my pleasure 🙂

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  1. The approach is original and personal. As I read, I was kept on the edge of my seat wondering which organ you were reaching for — the chest, the liver … oh, the heart … no, the guts! Then, you have us all wondering what’s happened in 1992. I’m hooked.

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      1. It’s interesting how you created yourself several identities: Jill, Jilly, Silly Jilly, Lyman … Each has a realistic facet and its corresponding imaginary component of yours.

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