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Listening For a New Day

Packing the car, the borrowed
thimble-sized camper,
we journeyed each new
July to Ely Lake where anger
was displaced, hacking limbs
for the nightly bonfire
and spreading too-hard
butter on slices of Wonder
Bread, too delicate
for such realities not
to tear.

I followed
the Blue Trail on my purple
Spider bike, pedaling
around the lake
seven, eight times,
hearing the voices
of the pines.


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Posting for Poetic Asides PAD Challenge Day 1


A wild soul writing poetry.

13 thoughts on “Listening For a New Day

  1. I love the way you’ve chopped up the lines to give you them two meanings in spots. It’s an interesting poem, I get from it the way a holiday is a carefree time where you can ride around the lake 8 times if you want to, but also eventually you have to get back to going round in circles in reality. A holiday is a little pocket that can only shelter you for a while. I don’t know if that makes much sense, but I think the poem has a lot to think about in it, that’s just one of my thoughts about it, haha.

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  2. Oh, the darkness that lurks on this summer vacation poem! Hacking limbs, torn Wonder Bread… imagery of redirected anger (abuse?). And then the child who rides to listen for a new day. This is one of your best (I’ll second Crow’s comment)!

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